Friday’s autumn hike in Yosemite West

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Dear Friends
November 20, 2015

Friday's autumn hike
Friday’s autumn hike in Yosemite West was most pleasant as was the: WEATHER. Friday: Sunny. Highs 59 to 69 at 5000 feet…50 to 58 at 8000 feet. Friday night: Mostly clear. Lows 36 to 44 at 5000 feet…27 to 37 at 8000 feet. Saturday: Sunny. Highs 58 to 68 at 5000 feet…47 to 57 at 8000 feet. A most pleasant morning was even made more so as I was greeted by happy whispering pink clouds and an oak tree beaming with highlights of light.


The recent snow has mostly melted away along the trail except in a few shady spots. Hiking this time of year is perfect….the weather is perfect….just the right amount of snow to read animal tracks…..the light is perfect for photography….and the autumn colors are still gorgeous. The remnant of snow indicated that a deer had been this way earlier in the morning…..browsing. The light was shining through the forest of trees beautifully. The light even shinned on a narrow deer trail covered with pine needles.

The colors of the dogwood leaves are still exceptional… especially when the light touches them. The revealing light revealed the beauty of the color of the dogwood leaves. Friday’s autumn hike in Yosemite West was perfect on this most pleasant autumn morning. Let there be joy in your hearts as you enjoy the beauty seen along any of Yosemite’s trails this time of year. The joy remained with me all day long. Singing a song of thanksgiving….as Thanksgiving Day is approaching.


We at Scenic Wonders invite you to experience Yosemite West and Yosemite National Park during this most pleasant time of year. The road to Yosemite is good and all the pathways within Yosemite are good. You will be pleased you did. Stay in a beautiful Scenic
Wonders’ vacation home or condominium…and enjoy a perfect night’s rest.

Another terrific day in Yosemite
bye for now, Laura
hi ardi…pics
snow and forest w autumn dogwood leaves
pink clouds and oak leaves
deer tracks in the snow
light coming thru forest

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