Yosemite’s Wonderful Horsetail Fall in February

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Horsetail fall
Horsetail fall

Dear Friends,
I greet you from Yosemite
January 28, 2016

Yosemite’s wonderful Horsetail Fall in February is amazing…ablaze with the colors of fire. It takes on the appearance of the Glacier Point fire fall from times past. 

Imagine fire falling from the top all the cliff. Nature transforms the color of the water to fiery reds an oranges.

The waterfalls of Yosemite are beautifully falling this winter. 

However, Horsetail Fall stands out for a few weeks in February as it shouts out, “FIRE!”

Photographers and visitors gather to experience this enlightening light show put on by Horsetail Fall and Nature. 

When the angle of the setting sun is at the exact setting, the waterfall appears on fire…flaming with tones of reds and oranges.

Yosemite’s wonderful Horsetail Fall in February is amazing…. ablaze with the color of fire.  Come and see it for yourself this February;  your heart will be warmed by the fire of the Horsetail Fall.

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